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FAQ about Campervans

What driving licence do I need to drive one of your campervans in Ireland?
All you need is a B driving licence

Do you have different model of motorhomes?
Yes, we have different models of campervans to suit all needs.

Are your campervan diesel?
Yes, all our fleet of campervans are diesel

Are your Recreational vehicles automatic transmission or manual?
Our vehicles are all manual transmission

I have a non-Irish driving licence, does this affect the insurance?
Hirers who do not possess an Irish or UK licence are subject to a minimal loading of the insurance cost only up to a maximum amount of €50.00 per week

We would like to add a second driver, is it possible?
Yes, it is possible to add a second driver.

I am 21 years old, can I drive one of your motorhome?
You must be over 25 years old & hold a full driving licence to drive one of our motorhome

Where can I fill the water tank of a camper van in Ireland?
You will find in Ireland that most petrol stations provide a free water service

What is the regulation in Ireland in terms of parking a camper van?
There is no regulation yet in Ireland regarding the parking of a camper van, you can hence park your vehicle near by a beach if you'd like

Is it easy to find camper sites in Ireland?
You will find plenty of areas to park your camper van, we also provide a camper sites guide in each of our vehicles

Are your campervans left hand drive or right hand drive?
For the convenience of hirers all our campervans are right hand drive. There is no extra cost for this service

Do your vehicles have air conditioning or heating system?
Yes, all our fleet have air conditioning & central heating

How easy it is to use the shower & toilets in a campervan?
The shower is as easy to use as the one you have at home. All explanations on the use of your motorhome will be given once we meet you

Are all your motorhomes equipped with TV & DVD?
Yes, we include as standard flat screen TV, DVD & CD player for your comfort

I would like to bring my children's bike during our holidays, is it possible?
Please do so, all our campervans have bike racks, so you can enjoy the real adventure

It is my first time in Ireland, what places can I visit with a campervan?
There is a lot to visit in our country & to help you, we provide a touristic guide in all our campervan

Are pets allowed in your motorhomes?
Although we like pets, we do not allow pets inside motorhomes